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Sushi Rice Blend 500G

Sushi Rice Smart Rice Blend 500G

  • S$2.00

Our Smart Rice Blends is curated for the busy home cooks looking for variety and freshness. From blends carefully curated, our smart blends consists of Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak Rice, Pulut Hitam, Porridge and Sushi Rice. The rice blends are specially mixed (with different ratios of rice types) to provide the best texture. They come in small packs of 500g – perfect for a standard family of 2-4 pax. Ideal for couples, individuals, small families to cook meals without committing to a standard big pack found at most supermarkets. Our customers can start worrying less about food wastage or having to store many different types of rice at home. Our Smart Rice Blends are also ideal for those who love to host lunches/dinners at their homes where they often look into cooking special courses for their guests.

For the sushi blend, just wash the japonica rice, add 1.3 times water and cook. Add pandan leaves, sugar and salt for taste. Most important ingredient to make this sushi-rice-like, is rice vinegar.


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Chicken Rice Smart Rice Blend 500G
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