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Festive & Smart Packs
07 Jan 2022
Innovation is FarLee's modus operandi. We are constantly thinking of ways to make the lives and palette of our buyers, better.  The Straits Times states, "replacing as little as 20% of a bowl of white rice with healthy rice can help reduce the risk of diabetes". We have come up with this premixed blend of rice will provide greater nutritional value specially recommended for a healthier you. Rice & Shine 80% Thai Fragrant rice mixed with 20% unpolished red rice is a healthy premixed blend, with higher fibre, vitamin and mineral content. Rice come packed in vacuumed packs. This festive pack i..
Customisable subscription service
01 Nov 2021

Nothing is as simple and reliable as having rice on hand to prepare a simple meal, or to experiment with and create a variety of new dishes. Unfortunately, with that comes having to buy heavy bags or multiple different types of grains from the supermarket and cluttering my pantry, increasing my food waste too. Thankfully, my discovery of Rice And Shine, a flexible rice subscription service by FarLee has been a gamechanger.

Cooking Time: Healthy Pulut Hitam
20 Aug 2021

Black glutinous rice dessert

TASTY Basmati Rice 1KG
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