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About us
About Us

Our Background

Our understanding of customer priorities is what drives us.  

We have invested more than 70 years in relationship building.

The founder, Low Lee Yong, formerly from the government sector was tasked to spearhead today's largest local supermarket chain. From greenfields to over 200 outlets today, he was vital in building their network, portfolio of products and its processes. His experience in commodities pushed him to set up FarLee. FarLee is a combination of his wife's name, Fatimah (Far)idah and his own, Low (Lee) Yong. Our humble beginnings started with his passion for rice and sugar, within the region and domestically. In his free time, he has provided consultations to numerous F&B companies and lectured in universities.

Academically trained in accounting, marketing & management, Mark has spent more than 2 decades in the premium automotive industry working with 2 premium German car brands. His forte in business development, managing business operations, overseeing financials, assets & infrastructure, sales & marketing saw him win several accolades like; the global sales excellence award in 2016 (& re-nominated in '17), increasing new car sales by 88% from '14 to '19, seconded overseas and turning their loss-making operations to a profit after 1 year despite the global financial crisis '09 & the civil fights in Thailand, securing the super-car distribution back in '17, and as the managing director with the sister company recorded their highest-ever profit in '13.

We believe in having a passionate heart, offer you better & healthier options alongside good service and consultation. 

Our aim is to add a personal touch to your daily objectives.

Here's to feeding the world. One grain at a time...


Golden Jasmine 100% Thai Hom Mali 25KG
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