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TASTY Mixed Brown Rice 1KG
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TASTY Mixed Brown Rice 1KG

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Best of both worlds. Now with 30% Red Rice.

Brown rice has a nutty flavour and a chewy texture when cooked. Brown Rice refers to rice that is unpolished where only the hull is removed. The health promoting and protective bran and fibre is retained in brown rice.

Red rice is a source of thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), fibre, iron and calcium. The flavor of cooked red cargo rice is generally more sweet and nutty, and the texture is more chewy than standard white polished rice.

It counteracts free radicals, rich in fiber. Packed with fiber, lignans and magnesium, which have beneficial effects on heart health. Low in GI. 

Energy 370kcal, Carbs 77g, Fat 2g, Sugar 0g per 100g

Our TASTY (now with 3 more YYY) offer was innovated to address a growing affluence in healthier grain options here (as the Government's HPB is trying to push the consumption of healthier grains) and adding flexibility to end users. 

The TASTY offering was to give end-users a 5 x 1kg (up to 8 types of mix-and-match) of different types of healthier grains instead of buy 1 bag of 5kg and consume that 1 type throughout.


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