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TASTY Basmati Rice 1KG
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TASTY Basmati Rice 1KG

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Steamed Basmati. Paddy is processed through steaming and rested for an amount of time, then milled. This keeps the grain integrity, maintains its colour, and locks its benefits into the grain. Extra long grains once cooked and maintains the freshness even after 3 hours of cooking. It offers a long, clean, easy digestibility, delicious tasting and aromatic grain to food lovers. It also takes less time to cook.

Basmati Rice is aged to perfection from the snow-fed foothills of the Himalayas, recognised as one of the best in the world. Basmati means "Queen of Fragrance", which aptly describes the delicately perfumed, nutty-tasting long-grained rice that has long been the gourmet's preference. Rich in vitamin B and lower in starch than any other long-grain rice, Golden Jasmine Basmati Rice scores well in the low glycaemic index and is ideal for the family who wants the best for health. Very low in fat and cholesterol free.

It has one of the highest fiber content found against other rice and reduces heart disease. Nourishing for the body tissues and easy to digest. Ideal for nasi lemak, nasi biryani and a perfect substitute for white rice.

Our TASTY (now with 3 more YYY) offer was innovated to address a growing affluence in healthier grain options here (as the Government's HPB is trying to push the consumption of healthier grains) and adding flexibility to end users. 

The TASTY offering was to give end-users a 5 x 1kg (up to 8 types of mix-and-match) of different types of healthier grains instead of buy 1 bag of 5kg and consume that 1 type throughout. 

Reducing wastage, varying their staples daily, and increasing healthier grains consumption.



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