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Sappè Collaskin Beauti Drink Carton

Sappè Beauti Collaskin Drink Carton

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Sappè Beauti series was launched in 2006 in Thailand to meet the demand of the market which placed great importance on beauty. The series consists of functional drinks for women’s beauty and health. It is the first functional beauty drink with over 10 years of dominating the beauty and health market. It is also Thailand’s number 1 functional beauty drink for women of all lifestyles. The series offers a healthier choice with low calories, no sugar added and no preservatives. This is for the busy woman who wants to look her best from within.

After the age of 20, we produce 1% less collagen yearly. As a result, our skin becomes thinner and more fragile with age. Collaskin helps to improve skin's strength and elasticity with collagen derived from Japan. 

Key ingredients:

Snow mushroom extract: Moisturize skin texture

Zinc: Reduces wrinkles  

Vitamin C: Helps stabilize hormonal balance

Vitamin E: Reduces signs of aging

Net content: 360ml/bottle.  A carton consists of 24 bottles


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