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Double Bell (Yellow) Jasmine Rice 25KG

Double Bell (Matured Crop) Jasmine Rice 25KG

  • S$35.90

Double Bells Jasmine Rice.
Older/Matured crop. Preferred by restaurants / hawkers etc.
Long-grained, fragrant, and has a floral aroma. Enhances fiber intake, contains vital B vitamins and essential minerals.
Meant for eateries and restaurants who will cook this rice in curry/sauces! This is a matured crop, preferred by restaurants and hawkers. A slightly harder variant for Jasmine, ideal for sauced-type dishes, chicken rice, fried rice. 


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Brand: Double Bell (Yellow Bag)

Recommended ratio - 1 Cup Rice : 1.3 Cup Water.

One of our best sellers for businesses who want matured crop. Widely preferred by restaurants & hawkers etc.

For younger crop, Double Bell (White) will be a better option! 

WLX 25kg
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